Who We Are
Our fashion and theatre backgrounds started us on our unusual path to kitchen design. After working together for over eleven years at a local business, we created The King Design Group to allow us to provide the personal attention every client deserves.
What We Do
We take pride in transforming any room into a space that feels like home by providing quality products with personal design.
We will work with you on creating a space with the right type of storage that makes sense for you and/or your family while keeping in mind your style and preferences and still considering your budget.
Our Mission
The kitchen is the heart of the home.
Our mission is to provide you with that same feeling as you cook in your new kitchen for your family during the holidays. Or where you get comfy watching a great movie on the television in the beautiful cabinet built-ins....or possibly in your home office where you are on top of the world.
Regardless of the location, everyone should have functional storage that leaves you with pride and still looks beautiful all while maintaining your personal style.